Leading 10 reasons why lead management system implementation experience a failure

June 6, 2019

Nobody will go into a lead management software implementation thinking it will fail. However, in the real world, few companies have achieved successful software implementation on their first try. Most of the time reasons for failure is not related to the software. Here are ten common reasons for the failure of implementation of lead management software:

  1. Undefined unclear objectives for the project - Not defining clear objectives is a common contributing factor towards the failure of implementation. A successful project attains its objectives.
  2. Poor planning or project management - Poor project management not only leads to ERP implementation failure but also often results in staff embarrassment and loss of jobs.
  3. Poor quality data for conversion - Poor data from a prior system is one of the common reasons for failure. Verify the data before conversion.
  4. No offline connectivity provision - There must be a provision for offline connectivity because sometimes users are away from online connectivity.
  5. Difficulty in Integration - Due to integration difficulties several implementations of lead management system fails.
  6. Unorganized training - Unorganized user training is one of the strongest factors that contribute to failure. User training should be done through extremely knowledgeable resources.
  7. Over customization - Over software customization is an extremely common factor recognised for the failure of implementation of lead management software.
  8. Insufficient bandwidth - Considerations of bandwidth must be analytically measured and considered in advance for better application and marketing automation.
  9. Choosing the wrong software or wrong provider - If you choose a provider which is very expensive, lacks expertise, unable to understand your business model or cannot give proper training to your employees - there will be a failure if software implementation
  10. Availability of unstable hardware or network platform to support the new software implemented which results in failure.

These are some of the reasons which contribute to the failure of software implementation, but if the required action is taken it will go a long way towards successful projects.

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