Sales CRM

Automate your sales process, win customers trust and close more deals

Effective Lead Management

The volume of leads that come into the system can be high. However, Digilead has efficient tools that help to

  • Filter out the quality leads from the others.
  • You know the source of the leads and hence managing them becomes easier.
  • You can look at the interaction level of each lead with the company. You can write the comments and notes for better follow up.
  • The software can show you which leads are close to closure. Eg - "hot" leads means more focus should be directed to them.
  • Email and SMS Alerts make follow up and tracking easy and more effective

Automate & track your sales funnel

Digilead help you to track the sales funnel at each stage when lead moves, automatic sales alerts and tasks are created. When a lead status is changed, it notifies relevant sales person and create a task to follow up with lead. You get a right grip of your sales process on every aspect like people, funnel & revenue.

Benefits of Sales CRM