Lead Tracking

Manage & Track from capture to close

Before the advent of CRM softwares, companies used Excel sheets to store data. Excel data is static and it requires constant updating. In contrast, the Digilead is an automated software - it updates information on a real-time basis. Tracking your leads using Digilead software is easy. Tracking your leads will ensure more "Won" prospects leading to increased sales revenue. Digilead is a very convenient tool for tracking leads by the Sales Team and effective analysis tool for the mangement.

Successful Lead Tracker based on Lead Actions

Digilead gives you a perfect tracker to follow up with your sales team at each stage of the sales funnel. You can mark your leads hot, cold, won & lost as per the actions and conversation with the prospect.

Track your leads anytime with our Mobile App

You can record and track the conversation of your lead via phone calls, emails, chats etc. in the mobile app as well. This means Digilead gives an easy and smooth process where your team can check the lead interactions before they go for their next meeting with the prospect.