Analyze Performance

Increase Sales Conversion

Analysis of the Reports Becomes Easy

This could be the biggest advantage of Digilead. Analyzing your lead sources, the geography and demographics of the customer, the results of various advertising campaigns, etc becomes very easy when you use Digilead. Evaluating the individual performances of your sales team becomes easy as well. In 1 click you can receive reports using various filters - this will help you take better and more informed decisions.

Prioritizing Your Calls is Important

Digilead can help in tracking the activities of the leads and group them accordingly. The system envisages the setting up of a lead score so that you do not miss out on contacting the hottest leads. The warm leads can also generate business for you provided you entice them with meaningful offers. Similarly, managing the cold leads should not be difficult with the facility of sending automatic emails available in the latest Digilead.

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