Administer your leads better - reap the benefits

June 6, 2019

Having a proper lead management system enables you to systematically track and nurture your leads starting from the first sign-on of theirs. This makes sure that you don't miss opportunities as well as reveal which marketing efforts are working well and which not. Now with the availability of technology options, you can achieve greater sales in less time.

At Digilead, we have the best lead management software for lead management solution. We will manage your leads better and help you avail the benefits of the lead management system and also nurture your leads.

Through lead management software you can manage your leads better and achieve higher sales. Here are the functions we provide which help to manage leads better:

Lead Capture

Both your online and offline leads are captured automatically from different sources like online leads from websites, online platforms, landing page and offline leads through walk-ins, phones or websites.

Lead Distribution

Through the software, leads are automatically distributed to the right sales team to get faster responses. It also sends timely follow-up alert for the effective working of the team.

Lead tracking

When you track your leads through our software, you can ensure more prospects which can lead to sales. It's very easy to use. In the lead tracking process you can follow-up reminders, send SMS alerts to prospects and keep lead insights.

Marketing Automation

You can strengthen your workflow through marketing automation. It makes easier segmentation of audience with different filters. Through marketing automation, you can collect leads, lead distribution, lead tracking, and automatically follow-up alert and finally integrate.

Mobile CRM app

We provide this user-friendly mobile app for the sales team to make their work lighter and can increase sales easily and in a more convenient way than excel sheets.

Apart from these, there are also many number of technology options available for automation and also sales CRM system is available that will help you manage and track your leads better.