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15 Reasons to switch to DigiLead today!

July 17, 2019

You can convert more leads and close more deals with DigiLead - Cloud based , Intelligent AI Powered Sales CRM and Lead Management Solution. Here are the top 15 reasons for you to choose DigiLead for your organisation.

You have to be ahead of your Competitor

When you receive a lead, the prospective customer has shown some interest in your product/service. This means your competitors are also trying to win this customer. You need to be ahead of your competition in order to crack the deal. So you need to find new ways to followup and convert the lead to a customer and increase your revenue. DigiLead can help you do this.

1st mover advantage

You need to take action as soon as you receive a lead. This way you have the 1st movers advantage. If your team doesn’t respond to a lead immediately, your customer has already been approached by many other vendors selling the similar product/service. You will fall behind and your chances of conversion are reduced. So how will you get the 1st Mover's advantage? With Real Time Tracking.

Real Time Lead Tracking

Leads from various campaigns will automatically enter DigiLead in Real Time. Sales team can access the leads from desktop or from the Mobile App and begin following up with the prospect. They can mark the status of the lead and add comments about Next Meeting Date etc. At any time, the complete interaction with the lead can be easily viewed at the click of a button.

System markets by itself

This is possible due to Marketing Automation system in DigiLead. Auto SMS/Email can be configured that will be sent to customer /prospects on preset date/event/time etc. Eg - You can setup auto SMS/Email for birthday/anniversary of your customers You can setup auto SMS/Email for customers enquiring for specific products like "Modular Kitchens" or "Accounting Software" or "Hotels in Goa" etc

Life long marketing

Once lead data comes into Digilead, the software will continue the marketing activity life long. Eg: Whenever you have a new Offer, Digilead will send auto Email /SMS to all leads in the system. So you pay once for a marketing campaign to generate leads, and DigiLead follows up forever.

Lead Leakage is nil.

Time, effort and Money spent on Marketing Campaigns is not wasted.


Where do you get leads from?

Lead Sources - Store Walkins, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Atl/BTL activities , inbound phone call enquiries through newspaper ad, flyer etc and inbound email enquiries.

Online Campaigns - Leads from different sources like India Mart, Just Dial, Website enquiry form, Google, Facebook etc, Mail chimp campaign etc

Sometimes, the leads generated through different media/campaigns are missed/ignored or not pursued due to negligence of the sales team. So money invested in so many marketing campaigns is wasted.

Eg - Website - enquiries often go ignored. India Mart - without proper followup lead is wasted. Just Dial - instant followup is essential for conversion - else business goes to other parties. Google /facebook enquiries - often missed even though money is spent on campaigns. Digilead can integrate leads from all these platforms automatically and in real time. Visitor book entries once digitised - can be imported every day through a simple process.

Digilead can be configured to receive Leads from various sources automatically. The software will be integrated with ALL these sources through APIs. In this one panel, you can view all leads from all sources.

Benefit - No leads are lost/ignored. Lead leakage is 0. Money, time and effort invested in marketing campaigns is not wasted. All leads that enter the system can be accounted for.

No need to be in office to follow up / enter new lead – can be done on mobile

Your team can followup leads/enter new leads/update status of lead from anywhere at any time using the DigiLead Mobile App. Very simple and easy to use. Data is available at your finger tips in a few button clicks only.

Measurement of your marketing efforts of various campaigns

You spend considerable time, money and effort on various marketing campaigns. Eg Google campaign, Trade Fair or Just Dial. But are you able to measure the effectiveness of each campaign? Digilead can intelligently tell you, the value of conversions for leads received from individual campaign. You can take informed decisions for your next campaign rather than just on gut feeling or what your salespersons tell you.

Monitoring the Sales Team, no one fools you

With a big sales team, you may not be able to individually monitor the progress of each sales person. Digilead will monitor your team and show you whether they are doing their job well or not. Eg: In a single click you can see how many leads remains "Uncalled" by a sales person. DigiLead can also show you if a sales person has missed his followup date for a particular lead. This way, you will never be fooled and you will be able to find out non performers quite easily and reward the achievers too.

Meeting Sales Targets

When you are in your Sales Meeting to discuss how far you are from the monthly Sales Target, you can use Digilead's built in intelligence that will show you the Hot Lead bucket with estimated closure dates in the current month. This way you can easily identify the leads to focus on and meet your sales targets.

Security – No one takes away your lead data

No pilferage of leads. The system rests on a secure cloud based server. No one can access your data as it is being stored in a protected environment. The software is completely user profile based and password protected. User level rights can be assigned and access to data can be restricted where needed. Lead phone numbers are encrypted and cannot be seen by the sales team.

Artificial Intelligence

Lead Score

Each lead is assigned a Lead Score depending upon the weightage of its Lead Source. Once followup begins, the Lead Score will automatically change depending upon an algorithm based on a host of factors like value of lead, number of followups, estimated closure date etc. This will help you identify valuable leads and focus on them for conversion.

Marketing Automation

Digilead can intelligently send SMS/Email based on your setup options. Each lead can be bucketed and the system will connect with your prospects on pre decided events automatically.


The Intelligent Dashboard shows a synopsis of the sales funnel, lead status, performances etc depending upon the parameters chosen by you. Eg: The sales team can set reminders about followup dates and these are visible on the Dashboard. Based on your requirement, DigiLead showcases results in Real Time whenever you login or choose to view the Dashboard.

Winning Team and Laggard Team

Evaluating the individual performances of your sales team becomes easy as well. In 1 click you can receive reports using various filters - this will help you take better and more informed decisions about the performance of your sales persons. These can be segregated as Red/Yellow/Green and you can easily identify the achievers and laggards in your sales teams.

Expected business Forecast

The Lead Score, probability of closure of leads, the value of the lead and its current status are some of the factors that will determine the expected business. The system has an AI based tool which uses all the above factors and other follow up trends to forecast your monthly expected business revenue.

Lead Assignment

Automated Lead Distribution - DigiLead Does It Intelligently & Smartly

Eg: According to area/zones/store location - leads received can be automatically sent to specific store manager. Lead for a particular product/service can be sent to specific sales team. This saves the time taken in manually segregating leads and then assigning them to specific teams. All these task have been automated in DigiLead. This way, the customer followup process starts immediately and this ensures smoother and faster conversion. Eg: Leads for "Deoghar" store will be automatically assigned to "Deoghar" Sales manager.

Digilead - is a low cost, simple and secure Sales CRM and Lead Management Software. Convert more leads and close more deals with DigiLead - Cloud based , Intelligent AI Powered Lead Management Solution. Call us today!